Advantech TIME (Technology Innovation Mindest Engineering) is born !

Udine University spin-off aimed to expand PLM competences already industrialized in Advantech LIKE (prior Salento University spin-off company, major partner into new company) is born on Monday 10th 2014 as Advantech TIME .

Market offering today can also leverage Advantech TIME further developed competencies on :

- Virtual Manufacturing and Lean process/technology ICT/PLM based approach

- Performance evaluation through Laboratory and Virtual/Simulation Testing into PLM context, mainly focused on AeroThermo, Acoustic, ElectroMagnetic physics/engineering

Exploiting long term experience maturated with key customers (Electrolux, Danieli, Siemens and others) and SMB/PMI confidence typical from this Italy area (Nord Est).

Competence well merged into Advantech “PLM backbone know-how” well established into Lecce partner-company .

Advantech TIME birth - Udine University Senate room

Advantech TIME birth – Udine University
Rector Prof. De Toni “bless the team” !!

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